Celebrating 30 Years of Service


ETRA Therapeutic Riding Association is looking for an certified instructor. Despite some of the Covid restrictions being lifted and vaccinations being available for younger ages soon, unless we get an instructor we are sad to announce will not be able to proceed with the program. Any interested applicants can forward their info to our main email at etrainfo@shaw.ca by November 1, 2021 where the board can review their options at the AGM.

Errington Therapeutic Riding AssociationTherapeutic Riding is widely accepted as a beneficial method of improving the physical and/or mental well-being of riders with a wide range of disabilities.

Riding provides an opportunity for invigorating exercise and recreation, and it gives the rider a sense of achievement and self-worth.

ETRA Therapeutic Riding Association is an independent, non-profit association.

we follow the guidelines set by CanTRA (Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association).